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Build Habits That Stick and Achieve Your Goals!

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Habit Acquisition 2024 Introduction
04 Jan 2024, 19:00 GMT
1-on-1 Personalised Accountability
In this 1-on-1 accountability program you will get personalised help and sessions dedicated only for you for whatever you want! Strategising to reach more goals, Identifying personal obstacles and how to handle them.... etc.


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What you will get

Clarity and Goal Refinement

In just one hour, gain unparalleled clarity on your personal and professional goals. Together, we'll refine and articulate your objectives for a clearer, more defined path forward.

Progress Assessment and Success Identification

Evaluate your progress since our last session, identifying both successes and areas for improvement. Celebrate your achievements and gain insights into optimising your efforts.

Tailored Problem-Solving Skills

Develop personalised problem-solving skills to address challenges and obstacles hindering your progress. Receive expert guidance on overcoming specific hurdles you may be facing.

Customised Habit Formation Strategies

Receive tailored strategies for habit formation that align seamlessly with your unique preferences and lifestyle. Discover techniques that work specifically for you.

Skill Development for Goal Achievement

Leverage the coaching session to learn new skills directly related to your goal achievement. Enhance your capabilities for more effective habit management.

Enhanced Self-Awareness

Engage in reflective exercises to cultivate self-awareness. Explore your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours to make informed decisions on your journey to personal growth.

Accountability and Commitment

Establish personalised accountability measures to ensure you stay on track. Foster a sense of responsibility and commitment to your goals for lasting success.

Actionable Steps and Detailed Plans

Break down larger goals into actionable steps during the session. Walk away with a detailed action plan designed for immediate implementation, ensuring tangible progress.

Motivation and Encouragement

Experience a surge of motivation and encouragement from our dedicated coach. Build a positive mindset that sustains your effort and propels you forward.

Customised Guidance for Your Unique Journey

Benefit from guidance tailored to your individual needs and circumstances. Ensure that coaching strategies align perfectly with your preferences and aspirations.


Embark on a transformative hour that has the potential to reshape your habits, mindset, and overall trajectory. Invest in yourself, embrace change, and let's navigate your path to success together.

50% off 

✅ Increased Confidence

Successfully building and maintaining new habits can boost your self-confidence and self-esteem.

✅ Positive Relationships

Habit changes can positively impact interpersonal relationships by promoting effective communication and empathy.

✅ Full Autonomy

You explore and take responsibility for your decisions, Making yourself be more you and feel empowered to listen to yourself.

✅ Better Time Management

Prioritise tasks and manage your time efficiently, leading to reduced procrastination and stress and increased productivity and clarity.

✅ Personal Fulfillment

Achieving personal goals and building positive habits can lead to a sense of fulfilment and happiness.

✅ Long-Term Success

Building the right habits is a long-term investment that can lead to sustained success in various aspects of life, which leads to more self confidence.

✅ Better Decision-Making