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Build Habits That Stick and Achieve Your Goals!

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Habit Acquisition 2024 Introduction

Are you ready to ignore your excuses? 

Set and Achieve Audacious Goals

We'll assist you in setting audacious goals that once seemed out of reach. Through our coaching, you'll develop a clear roadmap to achieving these ambitious aspirations.


Cultivate Resilience and Mental Toughness

You'll build resilience and mental toughness to overcome challenges and setbacks, enhance your critical thinking abilities, allowing you to thrive even in the face of adversity.

Live a Life of Purpose and Fulfilment

Our coaching will help you uncover your core values and define your life's purpose. You'll find meaning and fulfilment in your daily pursuits.

Experience Extraordinary Success

With our guidance, you'll consistently achieve peak performance in your career, relationships, and personal growth. The results you'll see are nothing short of extraordinary.

Personal Transformation

Clients often describe their coaching journey as a profound transformation. You'll not only experience external success but also a deep inner transformation that shapes your identity and outlook on life.



This isn't just about short-term fixes; It's not about setting vague goals and daydreaming about it with no outcome. It's about catalysing enduring change that will empower you for a lifetime.


We've successfully helped individuals like you realise their boldest dreams and embrace a life of fulfilment, abundance, and personal power.

It's Free

With no hidden fees! 

What's your excuse? 

✅ Increased Confidence

Successfully building and maintaining new habits can boost your self-confidence and self-esteem.

✅ Positive Relationships

Habit changes can positively impact interpersonal relationships by promoting effective communication and empathy.

✅ Full Autonomy

You explore and take responsibility for your decisions, Making yourself be more you and feel empowered to listen to yourself.

✅ Better Time Management

Prioritise tasks and manage your time efficiently, leading to reduced procrastination and stress and increased productivity and clarity.

✅ Personal Fulfillment

Achieving personal goals and building positive habits can lead to a sense of fulfilment and happiness.

✅ Long-Term Success

Building the right habits is a long-term investment that can lead to sustained success in various aspects of life, which leads to more self confidence.

✅ Better Decision-Making

Set the compass with precision. Improved habits can lead to better decision-making and problem-solving skills. 

✅ Positive Mindset

Recognising and maintaining positive thinking habits can lead to a more optimistic and resilient mindset.

✅ Career Advancement

Improved work-related habits, such as time management and networking, can support career growth and advancement.

✅ Goal Achievement

Align your Habits with personal and professional goals, take consistent steps toward your aspirations, the simplest way possible.

Water the seeds!

Think outside of your circumstances and build solid foundations! 

My brief Story


I'm Viktor, the founder of 'I Design Myself.' My journey with 'I Design Myself' began as a quest to shed light on the unseen aspects of life, embracing a broader perspective, and turning adversities into opportunities. I believe in embracing meaning and maximising our time on this remarkable planet.

My interests delve deep into the realms of focus, perspectives, meaning, human behaviour, psychology and leadership. Growing up, I often felt like an outsider, struggling to find my place. I carried the weight of victimhood beliefs from my family, unknowingly hindering my progress like an invisible barrier I couldn't overcome. I was encouraged to suppress my emotions, and I grew up with the belief that I was somehow inferior, leading to instances of bullying due to my appearance.

As 'every adversity brings about a great amount of advantages', I needed to find a way to function.

And function well!

Despite my rebellious spirit, I battled extreme social anxiety to the point where I almost fainted buying a bus ticket. A curious child, I possessed creativity but feared judgment, avoiding criticism at all costs. I stored a myriad of negative emotions and resentment within.

My body held me hostage, and I found myself trapped in this mindset, unaware of the underlying issues. I was too proud and blinded to ask for help, and financial constraints made it seem impossible. It wasn't until I began to feel triggered by life's challenges that I realized my positivity was a façade. I was unconsciously negative and judgmental, all rooted in the fear of change and facing myself head on.

Determined to find my way, I embarked on a journey to confront my troubles, emotions, and thoughts. I tried every method to rebuild my self-image, boost my confidence, and establish consistent action-taking habits. I aimed to be in the best mental and physical shape to offer the world the best version of myself.

Through this transformative experience, I discovered my passion for self-improvement and psychology. I dedicated myself to helping individuals bridge the gap between who they are and who they aspire to be. My mission is to empower them to build their minds and personalities in alignment with their vision, unshackling the potential for good they can bring to the world.

As I often say, 'The calm mind sees everything, the strong mind observes.'


Join me on this journey of self-discovery and transformation; together, we can unlock the incredible potential that lies within.

Water Your Vision

Think outside of your circumstances and build solid foundations! 

This Challenge is FREE

We made this challenge completely FREE and need YOU, need your commitment and FOR YOURSELF! We know that you would want to commit more if you payed, but think of the bigger picture. Make decisions for yourself, You are autonomous, you carry your responsibilities on your shoulder, this challenge will provide you with clarity, simplicity, knowledge and a bigger perspective so you can live up to your dreams! 

Live Sessions and Q&A

The sessions are going to be held online, in the comfort of your home. No soaking to the bones, no time wasting with travel. You just need to schedule it in your calendar for 30-60 mins in the first 5 days, and the rest of the 4 weeks, 3x a week. 

Support Included -
Personalised 30 min Free strategising

This Challenge is for anyone who who want to hit their goals and know that you are meant for more! You have your own expertise, you have autonomy, you can make your own decisions and take responsibility and can spread the positivity around you! 

Extra Materials

We are providing checklist, ideas and structure. On top of the info sessions about some scientific insights into Habits and how to form them, we will talk about mastery, provide frameworks for Time Management, and hack our Motivation. Depending on your individual needs, the Habit and Purpose tracker are basics along with the a Goal setting framework. 

Get to know yourself a lot more, for only a smile. 

Do it for yourself!

Some Kind words from amazing people


"It was very interesting as it makes you think more about certain problems and or situations (childhood, society etc)

Finding solutions to possible problems you're facing and how to fix them through multiple solutions."


"The Satisfaction I Felt after my Encounter with Viktor was Overwhelming!

I struggled with Self-doubt and kept things to myself...

Meeting Viktor changed that experience, a talk with him brought healing to me. He listened and gave me what I needed to clear my mind and heal my heart from pain."


"I can feel that with this heightened awareness that I got, I’ll be able to handle situations with much more mindfulness, calm and empowerment. Viktor led me to find my own answers and guided me with intuition and expertise."

Ready to take a leap? 

Think outside of your circumstances and build solid foundations! 

Be The Exception

In an era where Information in the world doubles every hour, and everything fights for your attention, it is more important for you to know and commit to yourself and your vision than ever! 


Where You Look

You narrow down the world by looking at specific things. The highest resolution is in the middle of your pupil - where you look! Not a coincidence! A seed will not sprout on concrete, it will not sprout when the conditions are not right. It is exactly same with us. Not just not grow but if controlled we are stripped of our autonomy. We have to know that we have choices and that we are powerful enough to make things happen. Do something for yourself by addressing your needs and wants. All of us are unique and to be discovered, just like the world.


Join the mission to spread Perspective

We humans love exist in the NOW, but the traps are evolutionary. We notice the threats and pleasures in the now, what we need. Tiger and Food narrows down or focus and If we are reacting, we are not seeing the bigger perspective. There is not only - Past - Now and Future, there is the encompassing bigger Perspective. It is rare, but impressive and just like good vibescontagious. We hope that by gaining more perspective, we are going to influence the world in a positive way and contribute to a positive impact on ourselves, each other and the environment!


Your intelligence

Add an extra layer of genius to your days and lead the example! By getting rid of the clutter, we have space, we gain perspective. It is true in the physical world and mentally also. By understanding your own unique strengths and preferences, you can tailor your learning, career choices, and personal pursuits to align with your intelligence profile. Logical , Spatial, Musical, inter and Intrapersonal intelligence etc. is all in us, in different proportions, all we have to do is to access it. 

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