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How life coaching is different from counselling/ Psychotherapy/ Mentoring/ Teaching/ Consulting?

Mentoring: A mentor should have more experience than the mentee in a particular field. Mentoring is a longer term process! Focuses a on workplace issue or skill. It is often informal and provided by an organisation.
Teaching and Training: Subject matter expert. Has defined learning outcomes. Typically a mixture of some presentations, exercise, practice and reflection.
Consulting: Expertise in a particular issue like outsourcing, accounting etc. Consultant typically explores the challenge and presents their solution.
Counselling: Typically for emotional difficulties or emotional stuckness!
Typically focuses on whatever is coming up for the client. (childhood, day, yesterday, less goal focused and more about processing what is going on.
Primarily listen, prompt the client to continue, tend to focus on present challenges more than on the past or the future, but they can definitely come up.
Psychotherapies: Typically sought for emotional difficulties, stuckness and learning about one`s self! Hard to delineate as each therapist is influenced by their school of psychology! Approach may look similar to coaching, but the aims and intentions are subtly different! Overall focus is on reducing emotional pain and gaining greater self awareness!

It is important to note that the coaching influenced by a school of psychology looks much more similar to the psychotherapy influenced by the same school of psychology than to the coaching type influenced by a different one.

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