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Benefits of coaching

I do not even know where to start, the times when I got coached, `yes It is important that a coach experiences being coached` I had very revolutionary experiences, from self reflection, getting inspired and motivated, discovering things about myself that I did not know of and make a strategy of how I deal with the information, Confidence, Feeling Empowered, Discover my values, life purpose and life paths, getting better at time management, loosing anxiety, organising my life, and mongs which clarity about where I was in life and where I wanted to be and how to get there. There is many other benefits as well including
How you deal with situations in your life,
Managing procrastination,
Figure out what path is mine
What part of it am I creating through the way I think/ believe/behave
Discovering the way i conceptualise the world
What part of it is imagined and constructed by the way I think about things
What needs to change externally
What I need to change in myself
What is MY journey to change for myself

You can literally reinvent yourself and use the knowledge to get to where you want to be in life!

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