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I am a passionate creative who always works on himself and learns, lover of pushing myself to the edge and experimenting mindsets.

It is great to see people who are fulfilled and enjoying life, enjoying progress, they are good to be around and lift you up! 

I decided at the end of 2015 that I am going to get myself and my life sorted no matter what it takes. 

I wanted to be free of judgement and insecurities as much as possible; ice baths, hard workouts and daily time investments in self development started to be an every day activity. 

Now I start my days with cold shower to discipline my mind and body, meditate and most importantly I believe in myself to be able to have a life that I deeply enjoy and can be proud of! 

I studied acting where I experimented with mind states, emotions and thinking processes and also have a Diploma in Transformative Coaching, which helped me massively with my reflections.

I am a lover of presence and authenticity, there is something sexy about it

I believe everything starts with mindset, and that our perceptions are what makes our life how it is. 

I am a good listener and collaborative problem solver, living the lifestyle that I want and I would like to encourage you to do the same! 

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